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2013-07-03  (38 weeks)
7/3/13 - My Last Journal Entry

Well, its been awhile since I posted.  Baby Joey came home this past friday night 6/28/13 exactly 6 weeks in the NICU!  He had finally passed his crib test a few days prior and got another transfusion before coming home.  Joey went to his first pediatrician appt on monday 7/1/13 and he weighs 5lb 15oz.  And he is drinking 3 to 4oz. 

I'm so glad I can finally enjoy him throughout the summer before returning to work.

This journey has been quite a ride but in the end it was all worth it.  This is my last baby so I am treasuring every moment with him and hope he doesn't get too big too quick.

Thank you all for reading my posts and all the prayers that have been sent my way.

See you all soon!!

2013-06-17  (36 weeks)
6/17/13 - Baby Joey is still doing well in NICU
He has been gaining weight every single day.  He is currently 5lb 1oz!  He is taking the bottle very well.  He did have a braycardia episode earlier today but it was very short and his heartrate bounced right back up.  So, they will just watch him and see if he had any more episodes.  The only other thing he has to pass is the crib test.  They have not tried him in open air since last weekend.  I'm starting to get alittle anxious now to get him home.  I'm nearing 5wks post delivery and I want him home now.  Hopefully within the next week!  
2013-06-05  (34 weeks)
6/5/13 - Baby is doing well on bottle

All test results on monday came back negative.  He did not have infection so they are thinking he couldn't tolerate the higher calorie formula.  They started the bottle on him on monday.  I gave him his first bottle and it took me 45 minutes to get him to eat 15ml which is about 1/2 oz.  He then got tired and wouldn't finish.  The rest had to go into the tube.  Today, I fed him 38ml and he guzzled it in 5 minutes.  They are bottle feeding him every other feeding so he doesn't exhaust himself and burn calories. 

He is doing well otherwise.  He is just hangin out waiting to get a bit bigger, tolerate all his feedings and maintain his body temperature outside the isolette.  Then, he will come home.



2013-05-31  (33 weeks)
5/31/13 - Baby's 1st set back

Today, baby Joey is 2wks old!  He was doing great all week with his feedings and gaining weight.  But, this morning the NICU called me.  I freak out whenever I see the hospitals phone number show up on my cell.  They said he had some blood in his stool.  He might have an infection in his bowel called NEC.  It's a common complication in preemies.  They did an xray and are waiting for the test results of a culture which takes 3 days.  They are treating him on antibiotics just in case.  Since his bowel is inflammed, they need to let it rest.  This means no food for my baby.  Only IV until the test results come back.  If all is negative he can begin feeding again.  If its positive he will remain on antibiotics and IV for possibly 2wks to rest the colon.  He seems ready for the bottle too.  He was so adorable today as he was trying to eat the receiving blanket.  Hopefully, when he begins eating again he will go on bottle instead of tube in throat.

He also needed a blood transfusion today.  His blood count was low and he was anemic since birth.  This should hopefully be the first and last blood transfusion for him.

I started taking my percecets again today.  I feel so much better when my back doesn't hurt!  I cannot believe how awful I can feel with an achy back. 

So for now, its prayers for little Joey tonight!


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