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2013-05-28  (33 weeks)
5/28/13 - Still Recovering

Its been 11 days since surgery and I'm still feeling very exhausted.  Tonight, I was extremely tired and my back has been aching me everyday for the past 4 days.  I've been taking it extremely easy and barely walk a lengthy distance.  I'm still taking my pain killers about twice a day.  I can definetly notice the difference in the recovery of this surgery then the surgeries in the past.  Of course, I do know this surgery was much more involved!

Over the weekend, my parents took me to Shoprite and I sat in the wheelchair.  I remember when I had Johnny, me and my mom walked thru Shoprite the day I got discharged.  What a difference this time around.

Baby is doing well in NICU.  His weight went down and now he is back up to birth weight.  He is gaining slowly because he is anemia. He might need a blood transfusion before getting discharged.  Were hoping daddy's blood type matches his so he can donate for him.

Last monday he was eating 4ml.  Today he is eating 28ml!  Hopefully, he will gain quickly!

2013-05-22  (32 weeks)
5/21/13 - It's 2am

It's now 2am and I can't sleep.  I keep retracing the thoughts in my head of what happened on friday.  I keep replaying the images in my head.  I keep saying "what if I was home and this happened".  I would not have survived and almost didn't just being a wing away from the OR.  My uterus ruptering was never a thought in this pregnancy and I can't get over the fact that is what happened to me.  I feel once I get out of this hospital environment I will focus on other things.   I will focus on summer coming, my newborn coming home, my 2 other children, my husband and lovely home.  I think getting out of here will help me move on from friday's ordeal.

I have mixed emotions of course.  I'm scared to leave and not have the comfort of the nurses right here.  I will miss the staff here, the residents rounding at 5am, the blood drawing lady at 6am, hearing Bobbi Jean the food lady come with the food cart, Rosa the housekeeping lady and my eucharist ministers who I developed friendships with.  Tomorrow will be Bittersweet!

2013-05-20  (32 weeks)
5/20/13 - Angels on my Shoulder

Well, its now monday.  I met my precious son yesterday, he is adorable and so tiny.  I forget how small a 3lb baby is but he is doing exceptionally well.  He is starting to feed thru tube today.  And so far he is fine and doing very well!  He was never in distress at delivery and did not get any effects from my uterus rupturing.

I had a rough morning today.  I was in excruitiating pain from bladder spasms.  They hurt so bad I couldn't move, just cry.  Its all because they had to cut the bladder off from the uterus while in surgery.  Now the medicine is working and should eliminate some of the spasms.

I met so many people yesterday and today that worked on me in the OR room that day.  They all wanted to meet me and couldn't believe how well I am recovering after all I went thru.  They all said the same thing.  One nurse said in all her 32yrs working here she never saw anyone go through what I did.  Another said they never had to demand so much blood from the blood bank.  I am a true miracle, they all agreed that there were Angels on my side that day.  I truly believe in the power of prayer!


2013-05-19  (32 weeks)
5/17/13 - Planned Surgery turned into Emergency Surgery

I'm writing today on Sunday because I've been too sick to update the events from this past friday.  But, friday was supposed to be a scheduled 1:30pm surgery in a controlled environment.  But, after having contractions throughout the night and into the morning I just knew something wasn't right.  At around 10:30am, I asked to be put on monitor again because the contractions were getting more intense and plus some bleeding occurred.  Within, 2 minutes of all this, I started to profusely hemorraging!  The blood was just not stopping.  They rushed me down to the Labor and Delivery OR as I was screaming to hurry up and cut me open.  The baby's heartrate was going down and I just knew time was running out.  Within, 10 minutes little Joey was born 3lb 10oz!  He was whisked away down to the NICU for observation.

My surgery ended up continuing for another 3hrs.  I lost about 4 liters of blood and needed 22 units back into me.  My blood pressure went down to almost nothing and had about 5 minutes to get more blood in me before they lost me.  The surgery was horrific, my bladder was cut again which means I have to wear a catheter for the next 2wks, my uterus had ruptured upon cutting me open which is now gone and the magnitude of bloss loss was just horrible.  I'm very lucky to be alive as well as my son.  Now, I face many NICU visits and recovery of myself.  This has been a long journey for us but its all over with now.  I will post again soon with NICU updates.


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