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2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
3/22/13 - 24wks - 1st Bleed ( Big one)

12:30am - I was sleeping on couch and suddenly a gush of blood came out.  I continued to bleed while laying on kitchen floor.  Called 911 and went to hospital.  They had thought my water broke and prepared me for a c section that night.  I cried and said please don't do a c section please!  I knew I was only 24wks that day and the baby had slim chances on surviving or if he did he would have major complications.  The cervix was closed and bleeding subsided so I did not need a c section.  Thank God!  

The next day I started having contractions.  I was given magnesium sulfate to stop the contractions and also help the baby’s brain develop.  I started my steroid shots for the baby’s lungs and spent 5 days in the hospital.  I had an ultrasound while here and the baby is 1lb 12oz which is the size of a 25 1/2 – 26 wk old baby I was told.  So that is extremely helpful if he were to deliver now.  I got released on Wednesday afternoon March 27th.  This bleed was very scary.  My blood count went down to 8.5 and needed 2 units of blood.  It bought my blood count up to 10.1.  I am now on bedrest at home til delivery.

I am told if you have 3 bleeds, you will then be hospitalized until delivery.  I am hoping this may be the only one or at least not see another one for a few more weeks.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
2/19/13 - 20 wk ultrasound - The Placenta Problems Surface

Had my 20 wk ultrasound today.  Was nervous about the spina bifida and growth development of baby.  Everything from that perspective looks great.

The problems rise in the placenta.  I was told I have a Complete Placenta Previa.  And in 90-95% of cases, the placenta will move up during your pregnancy but in my case they don't belive this will happen.  I also have a suspected placenta accreta.  This is where you placenta attaches to your uterine wall.  More than likely during delivery my placenta will not release itself from the wall and the need for a hysterectomy is likely.  I cried and cried because if my chances of conceiving a 4th child is now gone that I would have a really hard time with that.  We talked about having 4 kids so this would really be hard on me.

I at the same time would be very gracious for being blessed with 3 beautiful healthy children, but knowing that your your uterus is gone at such a young age is also something that was hard for me to come to terms with.  But, I am so thankful that this is my third pregnancy and this condition did not take place with my second which would be even more devasting.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
1/30/13 - 16 wk ultrasound at St Peters - Gender has been revealed
Appt at St. Peters for cervical scan test.  They also saw the baby’s gender.  His legs were spread wide open and a penis was very visible.  I am having a BOY!!!  I am very shocked and thought I was going to be blessed with a girl so laci can have a sister but my gut feeling did tell me all along that this baby was a boy.  I’m happy that Johnny will have a brother to be with, I’m hoping they are tight and remain close their whole lives.

My low lying placenta was also confirmed.  I am told it can move up during pregnancy especially as your uterus grows upward. 

This week I have started my progesterone shots.  I will take these shots once a week and its suppose to help prevent pre-term labor.  We shall see!

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
1/3/13 - 12 week ultrasound at St. Peters Hospital

Had my 12 wk scan today and all looks ok.


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