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2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/7/13 - 26wks! - 4th bleed

While being home on bedrest I really enjoyed the weather and sitting outside every sunny day.  The weather has been just beautiful today and my spotting has been so good since the last bleed.  Well, that all changed at 4:30 pm while sitting outside talking to my friend Lori.  Our kids were playing so nicely and had no clue what situation was taking place.  Another big bleed, a gusher this time! Thanks to my dear friend, she tended to me until the bleeding once again subsided.  I knew this bleed was a big one and I really really should get to the hospital so my cervix can be checked.  But, once again the bleeding subsided so I decided just to stay put.  My mom had already came back over after she had just recently left my house.  I called her back to take me to the hospital.  I knew this was my 3rd significant bleed and was afraid of not being able to come home. 

I decided not to go in and my dr said he could check my cbc the very next day and see where were at.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/5/13 - Check-up appt

Had my monthly check-up appt.  I actually lost 3lb since being on bedrest.  I feel less swollen and dr thinks it all water weight and the bedrest has help alot.  My carpal tunnel has also improved while being on bedrest.  It no longer bothers me at all.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/2/13 - 26 wks - 3rd bleed

3am sleeping again, I began to have some heavy flow come out.  This time it slowed rather quickly and I called Dr and he said if it slowed then I didn't have to go to hospital  We've became pros a bit more now getting use to the bleeding, what to expect next and when to go to hospital.  My poor mom still came over at 4am just in case I needed to go to hospital but thankfully all was well and we remained home.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
3/30/13 - 25 wks! - 2nd big bleed

2am I was sleeping again.  I began to have a heavy flow of blood and it kept coming out so called 911 again.  My dad came and stayed at the house until the kids woke up.  As soon as we got to the hospital, the bleeding slowed again. I was released on Easter Sunday around 2pm.  I didn't move from the couch all night.  I prayed and prayed I would not see a 3rd bleed because I knew that meant I would have to stay in hospital until delivery.  I would much rather be home on bedrest than in hospital.


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