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2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/16/13 - Glad we made our decision - 6th bleed!!

After our decision yesterday, it was more reassuring because I had another bleed last night.  Now, this is 2 days in a row.  I'm so scared for tonight and what may happen.  Hubby wants me to go today to hosptial but I'll go tomorow after MRI because my dr's really need this test done.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/15/13 - Called Dr to talk about all my bleeding

After speaking with my dr today, he really put the fear into us.  I need to be hospitalized!  I've had way more than the 3 bleed guidelines proposed by the team of drs at St. Peters.  I have pretty much bought as much time as possible staying home and I just can't do it anymore.  He advised since I am such a frequent bleeder I am at higher risk for having a bleed that may not stop the next time and being home is not the place I want to be.

After speaking with hubby, there was no doubt I was going to stay home.  So, I made sure all my bags were packed and I had everything I needed.  We decided I'll check in wednesday after my MRI appt in New Brunswick.  I need the MRI appt so they can see how bad my Placenta Accreta is.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/14/13 - 27 wks! - 5th bleed

This past week has been great!  For 3 days the weather was in the upper 70's almost near 80 degrees!  I sat outside every nice day and spent time with my children.  Today was going great.  Had a nice dinner then back on the couch to lay down like I've been. Around 10pm, I experienced now my 4th big bleed.  It was my 5th time bleeding but this one was considered a heavier one.  Then came the clots and more blood.  I just thought to myself...enough is enough with all this bleeding already.  I've been on bedrest and so good I just don't understand why this keeps happening to me.  Everything I read online about Placenta Previa the women had only one or a few bleeds and transfusions were also a rare thing.  Of course my luck that can't be me.  As much as I bled, and it took awhile after things slowed but it all eventually stopped.

But, this was definetly starting to take a toll on us.  This has been the 4th weekend in a row that I had a major bleed happend.  I knew it was starting to become the time that I should be in the hospital rather then home but as long as they kept stopping I did not want to go to hospital.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/8/13 - CBC is normal

Had a dr office appt today to get my weekly progesterone shot.  They also said my cbc was normal around 11.  So that was just great!  I knew the bleed was big last night but if I can remain out of the hospital as long as I can I want to so badly.  I just want to be in my own home while on bedrest.


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