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2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/22/13 - 28wks! - 8th Bleed

I thought by today maybe things were looking pretty good.  Until around 11:30 this morning.  I began to bleed again.  This was a significant one again.  This is now the 5th biggest bleed (8 bleeds all together).  I started to have contractions due to the irritation of the bleed.  Bleeding irritates the uterus and can cause it to contract.  So over to labor and delivery I went for the remainder of the night.  I was starving and hadn’t eaten since 8am that morning.  All I could think about was my garden burger I ordered for dinner...lol.  They are very good here by the way.  Only ice chips though.  I was given mag sulfate again with my second set of steroid shots.  This will all help the baby even more!  I’m so glad I am in this hospital for sure after what has been happening this past week.  This is the 4th episode of bleeding in 9 days.  At midnight, they decided I was stable enough to go back to the high risk unit where my room is.  But, now they moved my room so its closer to the nurses station.  

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/21/13 - Got some visitors - being here isn't so bad

Well, I got thru my first weekend in 4 wks, that I did not bleed!  Maybe all this bedrest is paying off.  I had my visitors almost everyday and I'm getting use to the routine here.  I have all my shows that I like scheduled to watch during the week, you look forward to the next meal or visitor, I have books/magazines, photo albums to make and my computer.  It isn't so bad here except for the weekends.  They do drag because nothing is on tv on those days and if a visitor isn't schedule it can be a loooong day.

But, I saw my kids tonight and they decorated my room with drawings and I hung some pictures up.  Its starting to feel more personal now rather then a yucky hospital room.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/18/13 - 2nd day in hospital - A bleed!! 2nd transfusion!

So, I'm in the hospital only on my 2nd day and I had a bleed.It was a minor pad soaker I call them.  But, my blood count went from 9.5 to 9.2 so another transfusion is scheduled for tomorrow night.

2013-04-23  (28 weeks)
4/17/13 - MRI appt and Check-In to Hospital

So today is the day of my MRI appt and check in to hospital. 

Its a beautiful, blue sky, sunny, warm 75 degree day!  The weather is making it that much harder to check in to jail so to speak.  I couldn't believe I was voluntarily checking myself in, it felt so weird.

Before that I went for the MRI apt.  I went to this location in New Brunswick specifically so I can go into their wide machine since I’m very claustrophobic.  Of course the machine was broke that day!  I had to use their regular machine but it wasn’t so bad since I went in feet first.  And I held the technician’s hand the entire time.  If I didn’t hold his hand I don’t think I could of done the whole test.  The test results only showed a few areas where the placenta is attaching into uterine wall.  They still don’t know what to expect during delivery.  They can only prepare for the worst and expect to take uterus out.  I’m still hoping it doesn’t go that way but whatever is safest for me is what the dr’s will have to do.

After the mri apt, I checked myself into St. Peters Hospital at 2pm.  It was very emotional because I knew my stay would be a long 6+ weeks.  With the nice weather happening, boy did I enjoy being home watching my kids play while I sat in a chair outside.  Or even eating dinner with them at night at the table.  Or wether is was watching tv with BJ at night.  It was hard to leave my home but knowing it’s the safest and best choice I can do for myself and baby was the only decision that we could have made.  It was time and it had to be this way I have no control.


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