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2013-05-03  (29 weeks)
5/3/13 - 11th Bleed - Best day didn't end so well

Last night, I had just finished saying how wonderful my day went.  Within 45 minutes after my family left at 9:15 I began to hemorrage.  This time felt different than alot of other bleeds.  I knew the blood was coming out alot faster and wasnt stopping.  Everyone was in my room within seconds.  The baby's heartrate dropped alittle bit to about 102.  The dr attempted to do a speculum but the blood just gushed right out again.  Off to Labor and Delivery I went just in case the bleeding didn't stop.  I was lucky once again, the bleeding eventually subsided and stopped.  No contractions either!

By 7am, they bought me back to my room.  Today I am just staying in bed because I have light bleeding here and there.

I'm really hoping they gave me wheelchair privileges again.  It felt great to get out of this room for alittle while!

2013-05-02  (29 weeks)
5/2/13 - Best day yet - I breathed fresh air first time in over 2wks
Today was a great day as hubby and kids came tonight. It was my first venture out of the room in over 2wks! I was allowed to go in a wheelchair off the floor! We went to cafeteria and got ice cream then outside for fresh air and the warm sun felt so nice on my face. My parents also came up. Today was a great day!  
2013-05-02  (29 weeks)
5/1/13 - Growth Scan today
Had ultrasound done today and baby is 3lb 4oz!  He is exactly the same weight that my son was at this point in the pregnancy.  He grew exactly 1 full pound in 3 wks.  
2013-04-30  (29 weeks)
4/30/13 - 10th bleed - 2 nights in a row! 3d Transfusion

Last night again at 1:30am, I felt the gush come out.  Back on the monitor and carefully they watched me over the hr.  It had almost immediately stopped as soon as it started.  The problem is my blood count was 9.3 before this bleed.  They want my count always around 10.  I started taking iron pills which will help boost my blood counts but takes weeks to do so.  I'm also concerned with the Iv's in my veins constantly.  I am hoping they dont run out of good ones before my surgery.  The dr wants an IV in my arm at all times.  I just wish it lasted more than 4 days.

I finally fell back asleep around 3:30 to awake again at 6am to the residents. Oh well, if I get tired I have all day to take a nap:) 

I will be getting my 3rd transfusion today.  Its crucial my blood count is at least a 10 because of the potential of having a major bleed that doesn't stop is definetly a concern. 


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