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2013-05-10  (30 weeks)
5/10/13 - 13th bleed!

Yesterday, was a bad day.  I felt horrible I had a fever, headache and aches.  I laid in bed all day with covers up to my neck. My fever went to 102 at night even after taking tylenol.  I got so scared but thru the night it went down.

Then at 3am, I awoke to laying in a pool of blood.  It was all over the bedding and pillows.  It was horrible I didn't even know I was bleeding. It looked like a crime scene!  I'm so glad they gave me 2 units of blood yesterday because I probably lost 1 unit in this bleed.  They actually estimated this bleed at 500cc's.  Most of my bleeds have been around 200cc's.

Surgery is looking to be scheduled next friday May 17th.  Baby will be one day shy of 32 weeks.  That is 7 more nights I have to go.  I am hoping I can make it until then.

2013-05-09  (30 weeks)
5/9/13 - 5th Transfusion and possible surgery date scheduled

Today, I am recieving my 5th transfusion.  This time they are giving me 2 units of blood instead of 1. My blood count went from 10.3 to 9.4!  I couldn't believe it dropped that much.  So, basically I bled out all the blood they gave me on monday. 

I also feel lousy today.  I'm very tired and have a bad headache.  Its bad enough that I'm actually asking for tylenol.  I never take tylenol unless its pretty bad.  Even the lab lady who draws my blood at 6am said "why you no smile today?"  I just didn't feel myself today.  Hopefully, after the blood I'll feel better!

The dr's are also talking about scheduling a c-section date.  They are looking at monday May 20th.  I will be 32wks and 2 days.  I'm hoping baby will be fine if born then.  They also will give me my 3rd round of steroids to help his lungs mature.

2013-05-09  (30 weeks)
5/9/13 - 12th bleed

Well yesterday was a really nice day! Kids n BJ came up at dinner time and we had dinner together in my room. Then went for a wheelchair ride!

While sleeping last night at 3:30 am (its always in the middle of the night) i had my 12 th bleed! It was another bigger one but it did end up stopping after passing some clots. But i am currently having some contractions so for now they are monitoring me to see if i need to go over to L&D. I really hope not! I hate going over there for the entire day in their horrible uncomfortable beds with no food or water!

2013-05-06  (30 weeks)
5/6/13 - 4th transfusion:(
Well, this past weekend was pretty quiet as well as today so far. I got my 4th transfusion because blood count went from 10.1 to 9.4. They want me at least a 10. I asked for wheelchair privleges to go to a lounge at the end of the hall to eat dinner with kids. Hopefully they will allow it and i can get out of the room for an hr.  

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