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Baby has arrived!

2013-05-16  (31 weeks)
5/16/13 - Today is Bittersweet

Today is the last day of my pregnancy.  Its definetly sad to me!  I will miss all the sweet feelings that go along with being pregnant.  This baby has been extremely active the whole time so I will miss his kicks and little butt that sticks out of my stomach every so often.  I will miss being on the monitor twice a day and hearing his heartbeat.  But, considering what I've been thru the past 8wks I agree its time he comes out into this world.  We don't want to take any more chances with more bleeds, more transfusions and the scenario of needing an unplanned emergency c section at 3am.

So, tomorrow is the DAY!  Stay tuned and I will update as soon as I can!

2013-05-15  (31 weeks)
5/15/13 - Growth Scan done today

This past weekend and week has been very quiet and I'm just hoping things stay that way for 2 more days.  We are almost there!

I had a growth scan done today and baby looks very good.  They are estimating him at 3lb 14oz.  I'm hoping he grows 2 more oz then he can be 4lbs when born!  Whatever it is, its much better than our original fears were and possible delivery much earlier in the pregnancy.  I'm glad we made it this far.  I would have been 32 weeks this saturday.

Right now, I'm just hoping for a safe and easy delivery!


2013-05-13  (31 weeks)
5/13/13 - IV change day
Every 4 days my IV has to change sites and I dread it each time. The hospital got a new IV system about a month ago so the nurses are still getting use to it. It took 4 tries today before they finally got it in. On the 3rd try, she infiltrated (blew the vein) ugh it hurt so bad and swelled right away! I still have an ice pack on it hours later. Other than that, things have thankfully been quiet! Yeah!!!!!  
2013-05-12  (31 weeks)
5/12/13 - I am the worst Placenta Previa case seen by my doctor!

Well, Happy Mother's Day!  It looks beautiful out.  I have to say today is a good day so far.  I was bleed free the past 2 nights!  I've recently been so afraid as nighttime would approach.  I say my prayers and hope for the best each night.  I have the nurses leave my door open and they check on me through out the night.  I have 5 more nights to get thru.

So, I asked my Dr. as well as the MFM team here at St. Peters Hospital how my Placenta Previa case would compare to others.  My Dr. said he never had a patient this bad and that I am the worst case he ever had.  The MFM team said they never had to transfuse a antepartum patient like this before either. Most cases of Previa the bleeds happen later in pregnancy and they end up just delivering the baby.  But, my bleeds started at 24wks and they needed the baby to mature more.  Now, they feel at almost 32wks prego, it is safe to deliver.  So, friday is the day!




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