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2007-09-19  (baby has arrived)
Baby Arrived
Actually, when I was exactly 38 weeks along to the day, I went into labor and had Ashley the next morning on September 16, 2007.  She came at 2:33am weighing 6 lbs 11oz and 20 1/2 inches long.  We are now home!  Here is the birth story!

On Saturday, September 15, Charles and I headed to the YMCA to workout and swim.  When we got there, I realized that I wasn't feeling very well and being that I've had frequent problems with Kidney Infections, I did a check.  I reached behind my back and lightly punched my right kidney.  I jumped with the pain.  I knew I needed to immediately see doctor but it being the weekend and doctors out of office, we decided to leave and have me check into the triage at the hospital.  My doctors always told me never to play around with that because of had so many problems in the past and need to see specialist for possible surgery.  Charles started to get nervous thinking I could have baby.  I told him, "Don't worry, I'm checking in today and I have had no contractions."  He dropped me off and told me he'd go hang out with the kids nearby and call me every now and then from a phone to see how it's going.  As soon as I laid down on bed and got strapped up to monitors, I started to have contractions.  Not kidding.  I did not have them just 5 minutes prior.  They were light but they were every 3-5 minutes apart.  The nurse told me they are checking the tests for Kidney infections and just to sit tight.  While she is away, I noticed these contractions were going nowhere.  I told her and she said if I had a kidney infection, they could get me some antibiotics and possible stop the contractions.  I was like, "hold it, lady.  I'm gonna have this baby today because you are not sending me home."  I have been the most horrible pain the last couple of months because of baby being on a nerve.  That and my legs hurt non-stop and I could hardly stand in church just to sing songs.  I felt like hitting myself over the head with a two by four to knock me out.  I would just cry in pain almost every day.  Tests came back that I for sure had kidney infection and they want to monitor me overnight.  Charles called and I told him the news.  I also told him he should just head home and pack kid's bag just in case I go into as I was having some contractions.  The contractions started to get worse to where I had to breathe through them and they were really starting to hurt.  I was dilated to a 3 when I came in but after some of those contractions, I quickly dilated to a 4.  I told the nurse I was in labor and in a lot of pain but she only offered me morphine for my kidney pain.  I told her again, I did not have that kind of pain, I was in labor and starting to hurt really, really bad.  I wanted to cry that Charles wasn't there and I was by myself.  It just felt weird to be alone.  And boring if I might add.  He's my best friend and I really wanted him there.  Since they were going to monitor me overnight, they switched me to a room to be more comfortable.  I again expressed to my nurse that I was having REALLY bad contractions and would like to get some medicine for it.  I had already being going 3 hours without anything for it and I'm looooove epidurals.  I always sign for one before you can say "Ain't no way I need to feel this pain".  I'm glad for those that love to go natural but I love doctors and their medicines more.  :o)  Once again the nurse offered me morphine for my kidney pain.  ARGH!  I told her that I don't need that, I want an epidural!  Don't worry, I said it very nicely.  I realized why she was a little tougher about it.  She had 12 kids herself and had them before there were epidurals to take.  I had to go to the bathroom so she showed me where it was.  I couldn't make it there hardly and when I came back out, it told me 20 minutes just to make it to my bed because of the pain.  I was frustrated that she didn't believe that I was in labor.  She could see the contraction monitor that they were now 2-3 minutes apart and much stronger.  But since I wasn't dilating she figured nothing was happening.  Finally I asked her to call my doctor and she did.  My doctor told her, "Well, give her the epidural!"  Yay!  Bless that lady.  I started to get worried that it had been a few more hours and Charles wasn't here yet.  I had no way of calling him to let him know I was indeed in labor.  It was very frustrating.  To be frank, I wanted to ring his neck.  The nice, nice man with the needle came and took that nice, big, fat needle into my back in delivered the pain meds.  Within 10 minutes my pain was completely gone and for the first time in 3 months, I had no back pain and I could lay down and rest.  I felt like crying with relief.  The doctor came in and told me that not only did I have a kidney infection but I also had Kidney stones.  She hopes flush them out with catheter so I don't have to pass them on my own.  Not only that, but 2 days earlier as I was exiting the shower, I slipped and hit my back again the toilet and bathtub.  I was bruised all along my right side.  Don't feel bad for me.  I was laughing my head off when it happened because I was embarrassed that Charles saw me!  LOL!  But oh, it hurt.  Charles finally called about 7pm and asked casually what doctors are saying about kidney infection.  Oh man.  You should've heard him lose it when I told him I had just received my epidural.  He must've about fell over because he had no idea I was in labor.  Turns out, he had never went home and packed kids stuff because he thought there was no rush, I just had a kidney infection.  He told me he was driving 80 on the freeway all the way home, grabbing kid's stuff and dropped them off at friend's house.  The kids really probably kind of wondering what happened to their dad because of how crazy he was being rushing them around.  By the time he had got there, I had only had the epidural for 2 hours and it wore off.  I was starting to feel the pain.  We tried to find out what was wrong but I didn't want them to reinsert the epidural because it hurts so much and I was in too much pain to be messed with like that.  They had to turn my pitocin up to max to get me dilating so that was making pain worse.  When I finally reached a 6, my epidural had completely worn off and I was starting to wonder how women long ago had so many kids with this kind of pain.  Charles kept trying to push the button to the medicine to get epidural working but it was just numbing my legs.  Not my stomach.  My legs were totally dead.  By the time I reached a 7 I was crying, quietly, but screaming on the inside.  Trust me.  Because I was fighting the pain so much, I didn't realize I was straining my back so bad.  Every time a contraction came on I said, "Oh no, not again!"  I would just hide my face and cry and cry.  No one could talk to me because I was in another world.  I had no idea what was going on around me because pain just overtook all my senses.  For the first time I knew what it felt like for all those awesome men and women out there that either didn't have the opportunity to have meds, or those that were crazy enough to wave away the medicine.  When the contractions starting hitting one after another with no break in between, I desperatly asked if they could just knock me out and wake me up when it was over.  Either that or give me a two by four and I'll just knock myself out.  The doctor finally came and said it was time to push and I pushed her out in 12 minutes.  I have to say the good in all this is that I felt what it was like to feel baby come down and crown and I had never experienced that before from being so numb.  When it was all over, I was all smiles.  Now I know what their talking about when they say, mothers eventually forget the pain.  I might not forgive though.  That was bad.  Very, very bad.  But I know I'll forget.  Eventually.  LOL.  The next day my back was hurting very, very bad and I was surprised because I had never had that before with the other labors.  The nurse reminded me that not only was I having sciatic nerve pain from how baby was laying, but I had kidney infection along with kidney stones, and I didn't have an epidural so I was straining my back a lot when I was fighting contractions.  Plus I had fallen on bathhroom floor just a couple days prior.  Okay, that's why!  I was just happy it was all over and kidney stones were gone.  Hallelujah.  Ashley's here and I made it.  :o)  God designed women and babies amazing well and it's all a miracle.  When I get to Heaven, I will hit Eve over the head with a two by four myself though....
2007-09-11  (37 weeks)
Hard Last Weeks
I'm sure it's like this for everyone, but boy are the last few weeks the hardest.  It's the only time I've had such a hard time sleeping, finding a comfortable position, having horrible back pains, and dealing with lots of contractions.  On Friday I will have my membranes stripped since I will be turning 38 weeks on Saturday.  It's actually kind of sad because I'm in no hurry to have the baby.  But I've been crying a lot with the pains and it's been hard to cope.  Sometimes my legs hurt so bad I can't walk.  Yesterday my husband had to massage them for awhile just so the pains would subside a little.  It did help.  Worst of all, I hate being so helpless!  I pride myself in being strong and taking care of myself and my family, so this has been humbling.  I told my husband I was sorry for complaining so much.  He was of course a total sweetheart about it.  Thank goodness for men like him.  I love him so much.
2007-09-09  (37 weeks)
Oh, Back Pain Is Back!
My back pain is back!!!  Ouch!  It's hurt all the time now and it is ever so painful to sit down or lie down.  But I can't stand all day because my legs get tired.  My goodness.  I am in no hurry for the baby to come but this back pain just has me to tears!!  As I'm writing this I am sitting on a back massager.  Not that it takes the pain away but it helps a little so I can sit and write my journal.  As soon as massager stops, pain is back even worse.  Doctor said baby is probably on a nerve and there is nothing I can do about it but have the baby.  I have 3 more weeks but I might try to get a lot of walking in to get things going because pain is so bad. 
2007-09-05  (36 weeks)
36 week Check-up
My check up for 36 weeks went well.  I lost a pound so I've only gained 18 lbs so far.  Hopefully it'll stay there for the next couple of weeks or for the last month.  I am 1cm dilated so far.  That's good to know because a couple of weeks ago I was not dilated at all.  But who knows with that stuff.  It could mean nothing, depends with each pregnancy.  Ashley's heart beat sounds good and she's measures good.  I'm so curious as to how much she's gonna weigh.  I haven't had any more ultrasounds at all to see.  I'm trying to buy the stuff I need as fast as possible.  I have a cradle and a changing table now but I'm still trying to get a rocking chair for nursing.  I'm gonna set her up in our room because we don't trust Ivy!  LOL!  We just know she'll try to mother her so once Ashley is old enough, we'll move her in with Ivy. 

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