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My grand son was a preme and later diagnosed with adhd. He is on adderall xr extended-release. He has a large number of the side effects listed on Drugs.com and at 11 weighs only about 50 lbs. I dont see any effects on weight except weight loss. We give him a great breakfast every day, take him to school, pick him up. tutor home work feeed snacks and then turn him over to his parents when they get home.
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Name: alliecat | Date: Nov 17th, 2009 1:34 AM
My son had the same reaction. He lost weight, became anemic and actually had delusions. He even "lost himself" and his personality. I'm a special education teacher and always had the assumption that medication was the way to go. After this happened with my son, we stopped the adderall, worked on accommodations in the classroom and successfully hunted for an all-natural option for add/adhd medication. If weight loss is your only concern, I know we push peanut butter sandwiches with the kids who are losing weight with medication. If you would like more tips for the classroom, I would love to help! 

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