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when i lay on my back mostly, i get that feeling like when im starving, that rumble in my stomach like "my stomach is growling" kinda thing, but its 3am, im not hungry haha is that her moving, or is it just my body? oh and im 18 weeks
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Name: heather-mummy-to-be | Date: Aug 22nd, 2013 9:21 PM
Hi there,
No it's not your baby, it's your stomach growing and getting used to having a baby growing in there.When the baby kicks or moves you will get a sharp pain or sensation in the lower or upper part of your body depending on wich way your baby is lying. If you feeling sick or faint then call your doctor straight away as it could be something serious or not serious but at least then you would know what it is and the doctor can give you some advice.
All the best for the future

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