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Name: College Abilities
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At College Abilities, we work collaboratively with the person who has a disability and has a vision of getting into college. We ensure that all pieces of the person's interests, strengths and abilities are integrated into their college choice as well as helping them identify important values that can lead to successful educational goals. In assisting a person with a disability get connected to academic institutions, we work with them on every aspect of the college application process including:

Services include:
•Assessment of strengths, interests and abilities
•College selection based on values and interest including presentation of research for each college of interest
•Disability Service navigation
•Accommodations in educational settings for specific disabilities
•Application requirement guidance and support
•Personal Statement/Essays
•Assistance with letters of recommendation
•Resume writing focusing on extracurricular accomplishments and activities
•Financial Aid resources and Scholarships

Please visit collegeabilities.com
Or e-mail [email][email protected][/email]
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