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My 2 year old does not have cerebral palsy however was dx with sensory integration dysfunction. At 12 months her dr said she was hypertonic and I understand this can be a symptom of kids with CP.

My litltle one still has very high tension in her muscles, and for relief she likes to push firmly down on her groin area when in her carseat. She tells me she is relaxing and it feels nice in her back and 'down there'. She stretches her limbs out straight and turns red. By the way a paed or two have also told me she is masturbating! I don't know what to think.

What I wanted to know was does anybody with kids with CP do anything strange like this. Her OT has not been able to give me much except to say she is seeking pressure because of her sensory issues. I am not entirely convinced. She was doing this for about a year, it went and has returned for the last 4 months.

Any comments would be appreciated.
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