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My son is 9. He has been diagnosed with mild mental retardation. He can only say a few words at this point but understands almost everything he hears.
My dilemma is that he gets very scared when new situations present themselves. Like, for example, a boat ride on a lake. He freaked out and tried physically and loudly to get off while at dock. the rest of the trip didn't go much better. This is the case with a lot of new situations. Sometimes he will calm down and be fine, sometimes not. I would like to go to Georgia to visit my family but it would be a 5/6 day road trip. The more preferable choice would be a plane but if he was that scared of a boat ride you can imagine what getting him on a plane would like. So my question is does anyone else have a child that has issues with new things and if so how do you handle the situation. I should add, it does not matter who is with him or how much i explain to him he is safe. Thank you!!!
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Name: tami | Date: Mar 2nd, 2013 9:11 AM
I did have a lot of issues like that with my son that is now 11 when he was 6/7.
I recommend first getting an airport tour. I called and spoke with someone in security and explained the situation. Second, you might ask your child's dr/counselor for some recommendations..
For road trips I let thomas sit in the front seat, pick the stops and I bought a Nintendo for the drive 

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