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when I was pregnant with my son, at the 20 week scan they found out that he has fluid on his brain nearly every week i had to have scans to see if the fluid was growing and if his head was becoming bigger than normal. when I got to 7 months the fluid was covering most of the right side of his brain yet his head was still a normal size. the doctors told me the chances of him serving was very little and if he did serve he may not be able to feed or cry or hold my hand. those 2 months was the hardest time in my life but I tried to stay as happy as I could for my little one if that was going to be his last days I wanted him to be as happy as possible. I had my son 5 days after my due date when I went into labour at 3 in the morning I was very scared if I was going to go home with my baby or alone but I had to stay carm and relaxed for him. I gave birth to my son at 11 clock that morning I had a natural birth and when he came out they put him straight on my chest, at first all I wanted to hear was him scream it seemed like he was trying so they took him from me and taped his foot. all of a sudden my little boy was screaming :) it was the most happiest time in my life I just burst out in tears I couldn't believe it. he was taken straight for a scan then brought back to me about 2 hours after he started feeding straight away It was incredible. my baby boy is now nearly 10 week old his smiling, feeding and following my voice and face, holding my hand he has not needed help since birth. however I just had my results back of the MRI scan and they are telling me that the part of his brain that controls the breathing is not effected and the back of the brain is ok. but the right and left side has grow abnormally and there is large cyst on the right side of the brain compressing his brain and causing more damage which means he might have to have surgery. in the last week my little boy has starting jerking and closes his left hand more then the right and try's to cross his legs the doctors have told me these are early signs of cerebral palsy.

I would really appreciate it if anyone has gone through similar experience please share with me as I am not really sure what to look out for different signs of cerebral palsy as he is just like a normal baby

he is my little miracle baby :) x x x x
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