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I just wonder if many others have experienced the husband who is having a hard time with the added responsibilities of having a pregnant wife. I am 39, wait tables in a very busy restaurant full time. It has been a hard pregnancy, lots of nausa and I have been very weak. I earn more money than my husband, always have. I had lived alone for 10+ years when we met, he had never not had a roomate of some kind. I have always had it together but now that I need him to do a little more he acts and says that he has become the house b*~-:h. What is that? He is always" over it". He has gotten do frustrated at one time he hit me across the face with his hand, very hard! I was 4 mths pregnant. He yells at me for no reason, and I mean YELLS at me just for goosing him or tickling him to loosen things up. Instead I end up bawling my eyes out b/c he just went off on me.I worry how things will be once we have the baby. It's only going to be more difficult for both of be. Especially since I bring in the majority of the income. Will he step it up and will that only add more stress to an already impatient husband? Anyone feel me? Going thru something similar? Advice...?
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Name: robin | Date: Apr 2nd, 2009 1:25 AM
Hi there,

Wow, sounds like there is a lot of tension. Being slapped across the face for no reason is abuse, plain and simple. You are very together and self sufficient so I urge you to do what you have to do. Go to counselnig with him if he will go, or without him if he won't. You might be better off without him, counseling can help you sort it all out, at any rate, you need some support and someone to vent to. Take care of yourself!! PS If you can't afford counseling look in your yellow pages for "Crisis Center" or "Crisis Hotline" many towns have them, and you can talk toa crisis worker on the phone for free 24/7. 

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