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I have been potty training my two and a half year old for about 8 months. at first it was rocky and she never told us when she had to go so we would put her on the potty every half hour and things were great. she then told us for two solid months every time she had to go with the exception of a couple times when she was sick. she would cry when she would go on herself and we assured her it was okay that accidents happen. now, suddenly, in the past two or three weeks she has quit telling us altogether and is having 5, 6 + accidents a day. it is getting very very frustrating. at first we just tried putting her back on the potty every 30 mins and she would just sit there and cry then we would take her off and she would go on herself a few minutes later. so we started asking her if she had to go and that worked for a couple days about half of the time. she used to be in panties but we were almost forced to put her into pullups now since she is having so many accidents a day, we are having to steam clean our carpet every weekend. so now i'm thinking maybe her pullups feel like diapers to her which is why she keeps going in her pullups, but she started out in pullups and it worked beautifully. it's a very frustrating and confusing situation. but now she refuses to tell. i had a reward system where she would get a frozen grape (trying to refrain from sugar) or a sticker when she would actually tell us but that didn't even work. so now that we KNOW that she CAN tell us when she has to go and she just isn't. we have started giving time outs when she goes on herself. the doctor said to let her run around naked because she will feel the sensation more, so we have tried that and now she just poops and pees on the floor and thinks it is the funniest thing she has ever seen, even though she cries her eyes out during timeout. PLEASE PLEASE HELP! i don't know what to do. she is two and a half and for some reason just stopped being a big girl!
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