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Name: kai121 | Date: Nov 20th, 2010 9:20 PM
I had been doing really well with my bulimia through my first trimester and half way through my 2nd. Last time I want to the doctor I realized that I had already gained 35 pounds. This absolutely terrified me, and now I'm having trouble again. I'm binging and purging usually once a day, and I'm so worried. I keep looking up facts that will hopefully scare me straight, but I still keep doing it. 

Name: perfectandnice | Date: Feb 16th, 2011 4:28 AM
OMG! Im so over over weight right now n i hated it idk what to do anymore i'm 5"11" at 264 now an b4 i found out i was pregnant i was 160 an i was hating my self then. i glad im not the only person with this 

Name: perfectandnice | Date: Feb 16th, 2011 4:32 AM
OMG! and im only 5 1/2 months! helpppppp! 

Name: kris7981 | Date: Feb 19th, 2011 2:31 PM
Hi everyone im 13 weeks pregnant and feel like all my bulimia urges are coming back. I actually got help for my disorder a few years ago and have been managing it very well. In the last year I've probably only purged maybe 8 to 10 times which is what I used to do in a day everyday for years so im managing it on my own pretty well. However now that im going into my second trimester im so scared of gaining weight. In the first trimester I lost 3 pounds from being so nauseas and I only purged 3 times which im not proud of but im glad it wasn't more than that. I told my doctor about all this because im so scared of this spiraling out of control like it used to be. My doctor was great about it and said if I feel like im slipping back into it again I should seek counseling. Im starting to get really depressed about this because I feel like I should be so happy to be having my first baby and all I can think of is how im going to look as this pregnancy goes on and I feel so selfish for thinking like that. It also doesn't help that my boss tells me how horrible im going to look when I get farther along and how swollen ill look. Of course she has no idea about my disorder and I have no intention of telling her since she is about the least sensitive person I've ever met, but it still bothers me when she says things like that. Im also very cautious about who I tell about being pregnant because im so afraid of the comments of" oh you do look like you put on some weight" or one lady said" your already getting a tummy". I know people aren't trying to be mean but it still makes me want to run to the bathroom and throw up.
Anyway sorry for the long post I just feel like I need to reach out to others that know how I feel and can possibly provide some advice and support since my family doesn't understand this whole disorder and my husband tries to be supportive but he can only do so much. Thanks for listening. 

Name: mrsp | Date: May 15th, 2011 7:56 AM
hi jessica, i became anorexic when i was 14, and then this evolved into bulimia when i was 20. I'm now 31, and usually binge and purge several times a day. i am now 6 weeks pregnant, and so so happy as i wondered whether this would ever be possible, but also terrified. i thought that being pregnant would be enough of an incentive to stop the binge-purge cycle, but i'm still doing it, though admittedly smaller binges. my fiance is trying to help, but he doesn't know what to do, and nor do i. i'm so scared that i'm harming our baby, and feel so guiilty, but don't seem to be able to stop. i'm taking multi-vitamins and eating ( and keeping down) a healthy meal each day, but i wonder if that's enough? well done for being strong so far. x 

Name: lkendr01 | Date: May 24th, 2011 2:40 AM
You cannot change the past but you have to carry your guilt and your shame, that is where I am at now. I am a mother of 3 ages 7, 4, 2. I have suffered from bulemia since i was 14. I never had morning sickness with my pregnancies but everyone thought I did r/t bulemia, My babies were born 8, 8.3 and 7 lb my third was 34 weeks, i gained less than 10 lbs with each pregnancy. I was ignorant in that I did not take vitamins on top of everything else, mostly because with bulemia you develop a sensitivity to meds and vitamins made me very sick. I thought everything was fine, I did keep some meals down usually 1 a day, and a snack. but strictly limited my calories, my first child is severely far sighted and had speech delays. My middle child was very colicky and has never slept throughout the night, still doesn't and my baby my sweet little girl, her eyes started crossing last week and we found out she is severely far sighted also, and has speech delays. The optician told us that farsightedness is hereditary yet there is no one on either side of our family with this. I really have wondered and prayed about this. I have been healthy now for over a year and have severe stomach problems as a result of bulemia. I am angry at myself but also at my OB and my family, I was ''diagnosed'' with hyperemesis, I lied to the OB, a different each time, no blood work was ever done and no fluids given, very little questioning, If I would have had more support or questioning would that have helped? third child preterm labor was at 34 weeks r/t severe constipation and straining as a result of bulemia. I have to live with myself and what I have done to my children in my heart I know I have caused this. Also 2 of my children have severe food allergies, it is NOT worth it, you can lose the weight later. I was wondering if anyine else had children with vision problems with bulemia? 

Name: saracart | Date: May 31st, 2011 6:16 PM
Hello everyone,
So im about 4 months pregnant and have been bulimic for the pst 4 years. I thought I had it all under control and I didnt throw up at all after I found out but recently Ive started again. Ive already gained 20 pounds. Does anyone have any advice besides to stop because I already I have to do that the hard part is how? 

Name: Anna1992 | Date: Jun 22nd, 2011 7:01 AM
Hi there, i have a question about bulimia and premenstrual cycle. i think i have been bulimic for over 1 and a half years now, except im not losing the weight, im still the same size 58kg and everytime i eat i think im gonna get even fatter and fatter. when i was younger i use to be really under weight, except i didnt suffer from anorexia i was just a skinny young girl. Well when i got my first period one week before i was 16 which was really late. my period wasnt a regular at all, it would come once in 3 months except i was gaining weight thats when the highest i it was 63kg. now im 58-59kg. my period has stopped since i became bulimic and im so stressed that my period wont ever come back again and that i wont be able to have babies. ive tried to stop purging its hard but i try to stop and ive done it less now kos im worried about my premenstrual cycle. will my period ever come back if i stopped? im 19 right now and im really really worried. i need advice because know one knows im bulimic except my younger brother and i dont want to see a doctor about this cause im embrassed. if anyone can get back to me if they were once bulimic and there period stopped, but got it back and became pregnant in future it would helpful. thank you for reading. 

Name: r.angelina24 | Date: Jun 24th, 2011 2:35 AM
im 5 months pregnant and im under a lot of stress will that hurt my baby 

Name: lewistara28 | Date: Mar 18th, 2012 5:30 PM
Jessica, i search for that daily , statements and stats that say i can be bulimic and the baby will b ok. but the fact of the matter is that they dont exist. the risk is great, not only to the baby, but to us as well. bulimics have a much greater risk of post partum depression, and that stuff is bad, like hate your baby, wanna kill, wanna die bad. the only suggestions i can make are this, fill up on fruits and veggies and eat non greasy meat with no breading, like salmon fillets, baked chicken breasts, and foods you know you are comfortable with that will not make you want to throw up. i am 10 wks pregnant and have purged a few times, i seem to do well for a few days then the urges start again. Also, laxatives cause defects so if you experience constipation, only take pregnancy safe lax's, like milk of magnesia. 

Name: Solis_A | Date: Dec 9th, 2013 11:40 AM
Hey everyone... I was bulimic...still recovering more like anyways with my first baby i had been doing good at first then i got scared of getting fat again.. I have always been chubby bt when i was 18 i became bulimic and anorexic i went from 260lbs to 135lbs it was great at first i finally felt happy with my body and myself bt by the time i was 22 i couldnt lie to myself anymore and started to eat and hold everything down. Needless to say i went crazy to exercise to not gain what i had lost being bulimic...by the time i was 23 i met my boyfriend and not long since we were blessed with our very first daughter. I soon fell back into bulimia when i gained 25lbs ...sadly i was diagnosed with hypermeasis gravataium or extream morning sickness bulimia really took control then even if i tried i could not hold anything down not even water!! I ended up in the e.r 3times one right after the other for dehydration i.had to deal with this up untill my third trimester almost at the end i was praying to gain weight because all i had been doing was loseing and fearing i would lose my daughter ...she was induced and thanks to the prenatals she is healthy and now 16months old :) yet i got pregnant again and im due this month bt last time i was weighd at the drs and saw 220lbs on the scale i almost fainted!!! Im afraid of falling back i faught so hard and still am bt i have sliped 3or 4times in the past week i ended up in the er again and im just terrified i dnt want to hurt my baby i dont want to gain more weight i just feel so alone so lost and confused im getting deppressed again and i dont know what im going to do even though i knw i need to focus on my babys health i dont want to be that fat huge disgusting girl i was most of my life the one whos only 40lbs away :'( i knw i can lose the weight after i have the baby with exercise bt im afraid of not being able to and sliping back into my stupid old ways.... 

Name: emmasupernanny | Date: Apr 2nd, 2014 10:09 PM
I have been bulimic for over ten years. I found out I was pregnant very early into the pregnancy I managed through the support of a group called overeaters anonymous to not purge during my first trimester and through my GP was referred to REDS the regional eating disorder service (who can take their time seeing you as they are very busy and underfunded) I have purged 6 times during my second trimester mostly due to my struggle to deal with my changing body and my weight gain which has been greater than the “average woman” due to my continued binging but today through using the tools I have been taught it has been 23 days since I last binged or purged. Being pregnant is not easy to begin with throw in an eating disorder and that really messes you. I know that you can have a normal healthy baby despite actively practicing bulimia just as you can be lucky enough to have a healthy baby if you smoke P (methamphetamine) during pregnancy. This does not make it ok as you are damaging yourself and risking consequences. It is not easy to battle an eating disorder and we will probably all make mistakes so beating yourself up about them will only restart the cycle of restrict, binge, purge. I suggest seeking help not just for your unborn baby but also for yourself. Today I have hope that I can be free of the insanity my eating disorder but I have to be willing to admit defeat and be willing to do what someone else suggests.
I would love to talk more with all of you so please feel free to email me. I need the support of people who understand my pain and will not judge me. Together we can do what we could never do alone.
[email protected] 

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